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September 22nd, 2004 by wendy

Tools. Digital tools, mechanical tools. These are the “arms”, utensils we will take to Ljubljana: Pictures: thanks Laurent! In order for the technical staff to understand what we were up to, I made a little plan. It also helped to make it clear to myself! Soon we will be able to post what the space […]

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Showing the seams

September 22nd, 2004 by laurence

Getting prepared for our action at City of Women in Ljubljana, from October 1 to October 7. City of Women is an internation festival of contemporary arts, it has been taken place for 10 years in Ljubljana. A mix of Constant and Digitales team will conduct a mobile investigation on (feminist) cultural practice as work. […]

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Cuisine Interne Keuken on Resonance

August 24th, 2004 by nicolas_m

an excerpt from the radioswap mailing list: (((|))) After Radio Campus Rennes, Resonance is the second radioswap radio station to rebroadcast “Storing 07 12 2003 Cuisine Interne Keuken” which is “An hour long radio programme about cuisine interne keuken: how do you make a living if you are an artist, organizer…. Experimental music mixed with […]

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