Las jornadas Kopyleft

Las jornadas copyleft: 24, 25 y 26 de Junio en el centro Arteleku (a las afueras de Donostia – San Sebastián). para más información.

Constant was invited to participate in a workshop called Copyleft en las artes visuales y el diseño

Laurence Rassel presented the use of the different free licenses in the activities of Constant(software, content) and introduced a feminist approach to the questions of property and commons. I, Nicolas, tried to define the relationships between the use of free licenses and the fight to reinforce the exceptions to author’s right. A text version of this talk is here

The majority of the participants were editors or publishers. The general tone of the discussion was rather frank and honest. Far from ideological positions, the debate was focused on practice and exchange of experience.

We had the chance to meet there the group platoniq who presented their project Burn Station, and a specific license LICENCIA AIRE INCONDICIONAL
Their point of view over the Creative Commons licenses has been summarised in a presentation text for a workshop called Regreso al futuro de los “commons”

Visit the image album of the event.