Fosdem 2006

Some images from the Free Open Source Developers European Meeting: Fosdem 2006 organised in the Universite Libre de Bruxelles, on February 25+26 2006.

stallman.jpg stallman2.jpg audience.JPG

Above Richard Stallman speeching. The founder of the GNU project, and the Free Software Foundation and the author of the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL or GPL), the most widely-used free software license, which pioneered the concept of the copyleft, pointed at the danger of software patents and of course the importance of Free Software.

Also present in the corridor: members of the VLC development team demonstrating the cross-platform power of the VLC mediaplayer on a new Intel-Macintosh, running on MacOs. Compared to the inside of a PowerPC G5, the Intel version is nearly empty.

vlc.jpg macintel.JPG

Will you ever be able to run your favorite Linux distribution on this space-consuming machine you might wonder? People from the Mactel-project have Gentoo Linux running on Apple Intel-machines. The site reports having Knoppix running on a Mac-Intel, as well as Windows XP inside VMware. Look at their site for details. also reports that Red Hat is working on adapting its distributions for the Intel- Mac,

There seem to be future possibilities for having a fancy metal box with internal space for an extra book-shelve on your desktop.