Laboratorium impressions

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The idea of the crealab was formulated inside a larger ESF framework; The Memory project, which has been supported and developed for one year by a european team of volunteers, proceeds from different experiences of collecting and emphasizing the data produced during the ESF. It aims to create a space of articulation and visibility of this multiple production.

The European Social Forum (ESF) is one of those spaces where the actors themselves produce their own data and reading of the event. Their productions become thus part of the process or unfolding of the event.

For the Athens EFS, the Memory project opened a laboratory
space, called *CREALAB*, aimed at involving the participants in the production, the
gathering and the streaming of multimedia traces of the event.

(Some) people involved: Julien aka Joke (streaming connectivity, web tv), Rachid Sadaoui (web radio DJ), Carole Faure (Altermundo / coloured lamps), Pierre George (proposal wall), Nuria Verges (free music), Jean-François (servers, hardware, technical chiefcoock), Alejandra (electronics / micro, transmitters, controllers), Mayo (activist research / free open tools), Yves (mapmaster), Sophie Gosselin (theory Apo33)