Women & free softwares workshops

Where: Interface 3 , Rue du Méridien 30, 1210 Brussels
When: Saturday Nov. 18, 10 am – 4:30 pm
Info: http://samedi.collectifs.net

In the framework of ADa (Network for women and technology), a collaboration between Constant, Interface 3, Domaine public, Scumgrrls, BxLg, among others
Constant invites you to series of meetings, debates and workshops with and by women around ‘servers’, changing the community of free software users and the stereotypical nerdy male image associated with it.
When you install and maintain your own server you have to ask questions such as: How do we divide work? Who has acces? What is providing ‘service’? The workshops links gaining technical knowledge to content and provide participants a possibility to build a network allowing to expand their thoughts and work from the workshop onwards.
Workshop program:
18/11/06: What is a server?
09/12/06: What is a “service”?
20/01/07: Debian install party!

Free access, female priority.
Registration is required.
Prime language is French, English and Dutch DIY translation present.
We lunch collectively, bring something you would like to share with the other participants.
Baby sit can be provided. Please communicate when you register: amount and age of children.
To register, for questions and more info, please mail to: