Ingrid Hoofd

Ingrid Hoofd
Ingrid Hoofd is doing a phd at the University of Singapore , that was her home page when she was at Utrecht University. She is a media project manager for feminist projects.

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  • Rolf Sindoe

    Dear Ingrid Hoofd:

    It is with great interest, that I have read your online-publication about hypertext and vector graphics (

    I would very much like to refer to you in an article, I am about to publish in a Danish anthology (subj. Genres). But what is the provenience (publishing year, have it been published in paper, where etc.) of this specific article?

    Best regards
    Ph.d.-stipendiat Rolf Sindø
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    Center for Nordisk
    SDU, Odense
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    5230 Odense M
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