Digital Work

Digital Work was both a conference and a workshop organised by the Piet Zwart Institut in Rotterdam. Constant was invited to join the workshop and Laurence Rassel gave a lecture in the panel settled in V2.

digital work students and femke snelting

The workshop
from the 7th to the 10th of October 2003.
(organized by Roger Teeuwen, Nadia Palliser, Harma Staal, Femke Snelting, for the Piet Zwart):

digital work workshop

The students were divided in 4 teams and were asked to make an investigation over their conditions of work in the year 2010. The students were coming from different disciplines(from marketing, visual arts, media communication …). They went on various places in Rotterdam to inspect work places and to make interviews.

The results and the process of this investigation can be found on the prolific weblog of these 5 days.
see the workblog

The energy of the students and their inventiveness to find solutions to the dispositive of interviews or to communicate their findings was astonishing. We guess the quality of the dialogue they had with Roger Teeuwen and Femke Snelting helped a great deal. Both tutors had this perfect balance between criticism and enthousiasm that at the same time raises question and stimulates the research.

The lectures
On Saturday 11th

The panel included Steve Baldwin, Maurizio Lazzarato and Laurence Rassel. The moderator was Brian Holmes.

digital work lecture

The lectures begun with Maurizio Lazzarato who described the changes from a hierarchical model of work to a distributed model. He analyzed step by step the changes that were provoked by this shift and described the consequences on the conditions of life for the immaterial labor workers.
He underlined many times that the legislation that protected the workers under the old model was not adapted anymore to the new one. He finished with some examples of possible organization of workers.

Steve Baldwin made an overview of the “Grandeur et Décadence” of the High-Tech industry. Baldwin was among those who thought from the beginning that the digital bubble was not to last. He described the tabula rasa made by the collapse of the market. He finished his talk wondering if the web was over.

In her intervention, Laurence Rassel described her work in the project Digitales. She tried to explain how this event was working on the image of the labor of women. Women have always been working but their work was not “visible”, not included in the statistics. She stressed how the project Digitales has helped to change the communication of Interface 3 and interrogated the Ministry Of Work and Equal Opportunities on their campaign targeted on women, “Women And Informatics 100% compatible”.
Her talk had also another subject: make a better understanding of a collaborative project(in Digitales, scholars, unemployed women, artists, musicians, technicians are working together). And to reveal the invisible work of networking behind this project.

A specific image gallery has been set up on the Constant media server to collect the images related on this event(workshop + conference)
image gallery

Thanks to: Roger Teeuwen, Nadia Palliser, Harma Staal, Femke Snelting, Matthew Fuller and their sysadmin