« L’image qu’on se fait de nous »

November 6, from 9 pm
isabelle massuisabelle massupublic at sofft daypeggy pierrotanne-laure buisson & isabelle collet
Which images do media, companies, histories produce on us? Let’s start from the image of new technology, how are they represented, how are we represented in relation with them? Bring your image, an image, and let’s see, let’s look at it: who are you, who are we, who do we want to be, which part do we want to play in the reality, in the imaginary of new technology world,word, work?

Conversation with
Muriel Andrin, historienne du cinéma, docteure en philosophie et lettres (ULB)
-Isabelle Collet, chercheuse en Science de l’éducation à Paris X et Chienne de Garde
-Isabelle Massu, membre des Pénélopes et du collectif de la Compagnie à Marseille
-Peggy Pierrot, petite main polyvalente des services informatiques et membre du collectif informel Melanine.org. http://www.melanine.org
-Laurence Rassel, cyberféminist, member of Constant, coordinator for ADA, and reponsible for Digitales

Report: Nadine Plateau, présidente de Sophia, réseau belge de coordination des études féministes

In the framework of the conference ” Femmes et nouvelles technologies” organised by SOFFT. SOFFT helps unemployed women to find new perspectives, to enhance their independance and to learn new skills. On a yearly basis
there are different educational programs.

Address of the day:
Conseil Économique et Social
rue du Vertbois 13
4000 Liège