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During the Digitales working days, several special online projects are going on.


Multimediareporting of the Digital Days, by the Indymedia edito team
Indymedia is a collective of media-activists and dedicated journalists that encourage everybody to spread information and opinions that are not (or almost not) heard elsewhere.(more …)
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CandidaTV : reality fiction
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by Isabelle Massu and Peggy Pierrot
This year, the aim of the workshop is to continue, as in the two previous workshops (“The image that one has of us” and “Dress for success”) to question the image of women at work in the new technologies sector. How is wowen’s work being represented ? As a woman, how do we (re)present ourselves at work ?
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by Valerie Swain and Anja Westerfrolke
“Together we will begin the process of developping a MOO in which to place the Digitales archives. MOOs(Mud Object Oriented) were developed as part of early online gaming. They can be thought of as resembling a online chat space, except that one create and leave virtual objects and spaces. “[…] “We will use the space at Digitales as a starting point for the virtual space. Through discussions and hands-on contact with archive material we will explore the possibilities for creating a MOO archive.”
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