September 21, 2003

*fem snd*: Donna Maya & Ubergeek

Donna Maya & Ubergeek
Donna Maya is member of the Godmothers, part II and is well-known to move the masses with her drum 'n base mixes. See: Die Patinnen
Amy Alexander aka Ubergeek is the Live Internet VJ for the Geek Age and presents for the first time 'CyberSpaceLand', Post-dotcom entertainment. She turns search engine queries into fun-and-funky club visuals while revealing the poignant poetry of net culture. An all-text video mix, CyberSpaceLand is generated in real-time by slightly chaotic algorithms and a human VJ with slightly odd-looking wireless computer gear taped on. See: Plagiarist

Posted by laurence at September 21, 2003 09:03 PM
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