September 21, 2003

*fem snd unplugged*

Diana Mac Carthy & Gurdrun GutNeda & Mieko
Diana, Gudrun, Neda & Mieko.
After the *unplugged* discussion in the N5M bar

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*fem snd unplugged*

Mieko & Maya & SaphineJames & Riz
Mieko, Maya, Saphine, James & Riz
The day after the party: a discussion on " how do you make a living", and " what are the conditions of work".

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*fem snd*: Dj Saphine

people dancing
People dancing while Saphine was mixing
Saphine, DJ (aka. Kriz / Miss Johnny) is a well-known member of the drum 'n base community, and prefers massive tunes and diverse forms of broken beatz.

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*fem snd*: Donna Maya & Ubergeek

Donna Maya & Ubergeek
Donna Maya is member of the Godmothers, part II and is well-known to move the masses with her drum 'n base mixes. See: Die Patinnen
Amy Alexander aka Ubergeek is the Live Internet VJ for the Geek Age and presents for the first time 'CyberSpaceLand', Post-dotcom entertainment. She turns search engine queries into fun-and-funky club visuals while revealing the poignant poetry of net culture. An all-text video mix, CyberSpaceLand is generated in real-time by slightly chaotic algorithms and a human VJ with slightly odd-looking wireless computer gear taped on. See: Plagiarist

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*fem snd*: Apache 61

Mieko Shimizu
Mieko Shimizu aka Apache 61
Mieko combines traces of dub, drum 'n bass, noise, and ambience into thick textures of energized electronic music. She has been crossing over the art, music and club scenes with its depth defying eletronica unashamedly driven by its rhythmic core layers and layers of cross woven breaks and shattered percussion, battling waves of sub bass.

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*fem snd*: the Godmothers, part II, live

The Godmothers
'Moto Nero' is a sound-performances which the Godmothers part II have developed for four turntables and effect gear to a short-film by Maria Ploskow. With various technical skills they created sounds and noises to underline the movements of the never-ending story (all computer generated drwaings). Sentite!

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*fem snd*: Gudrun Gut

Gudrun Gutpeople dancing at Gudrun Gut's mix
Since the eighties a well-known Berlin-based musician, composer, performer, label-owner (Monika enterprise), and host of the radio show 'oceanclub', GG does a special DJ-set with music by women only - mostly new experimental electronic, adding some of her own latest tracks.

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*fem snd* : Neotropic

Riz Maslen with guitarRiz Maslen with flute
Riz Maslen aka Neotropic live, live with James
Crunchy beats, layered soundscapes, scratchy guitars, childrens xylophones.....expect anything from folk, rock and neo classical in her performance. Alongisde her lo-fi super 8 road movie. Neotropic will also be showcasing material from her forth coming album White Rabbits

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*fem snd*: sound check

fem snd install their techfem snd install their tech
'fem snd' will be a party within Next 5 Minutes which features electronic music by women. In live performances and DJ sets the invited artists introduce a variety of ground-braking conceptual and technical innovations, presenting electronic music, ranging from experimental to dance floor. The idea for 'fem snd' has been conceived during the TML Berlin, in the workshop 'sounds tactical'.

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