Open Ars meeting

Better late than never, we wanted to give a view on the different projects met during the Open Ars meeting organised by Apo 33 and Constellatio in Nantes in february 2006, so some pictures and above all links to organisations, projects interesting in open practices in cultural environment or in artistic practices in open environment…
listening to sound at apo33 more images in our images gallery

Apo 33
APO33 is an artistic and technological laboratory transdisicplinaire which develops various collective projects combining research, experimentation and intervention in social space.

Research project in(ter)disciplinaire which aims to try out and generate new agencies (agencements) between theory and practical, with the crossing of art, technology and the theory, investing the fields of the practices cultural, scientific, political and social

Pink ponk
A girls band from the South of France in love with the dance floors, ready to trans-gender, -form, -vestite the girl in us. Nomad performative dressing side by the dance floors.

La fabrique du libre
Experiment, meeting, workshop place around and with free DYI, to share, to learn, to build

The activities of Alphabetville develop around problems of research, creation and diffusion related on the language and the writing. The objects and the demonstrations proposed find their inscription in a variety of supports and forms of presentation: deliver, public readings, theatre, radio, multi-media, conferences…

Collective of researchers, artists and activists in the field of the ICT’s which develop their actions “on the ground” of type: Installation of workshops of multi-media self-management in associative structures.

Dones i noves technologies

Empowering network on women and technology

Locus Sonus Audio Streaming Map

A map to listen to the world